We are the global specialists in PocketMedia® and believe that successful marketing is all about simple ideas, brilliantly executed, that reinforce your brand’s message.

PocketMedia® offers print solutions that ensure that your message is both durable and retainable. Their small and compact nature ensures that keeping them on person or in a wallet is easy. We offer the Z-CARD® range of products as well as a variety of other formats and can customise a product to suit your specific needs.
The Changer
The Changer can be used as a stand-alone product or easily integrated with one of our many PocketMedia® products. It can be used for vouchers, support banners, product information and much more.

Customisation options include:
  • Changing name and/or branding and/or logo –pull the tab to see our new look.
  • A handy guide.
  • Social Media URLs.
  • A brand/product evolution story.
  • A message on a door-hang or a bottle-hang.
  • Unique invitation to an event or as a wedding invite.

When is The Changer the ideal product to use?
When you are rebranding: The Changer is ideal for showing a before and after logo, if your company is changing its image, let us help you communicate that change in a drastic, effective manner!

When you are dealing with shock advertising: The Changer is ideal for a before and after advert, for example drunk driving. It allows people to see a scenario from two contrasting angles.

Bridge the digital divide: The Changer can offer tips on how to bridge the divide between print and digital and can include QR Codes, Augmented Reality applications, changing brand images or social media URLs… The list of uses for The Changer is endless and it can be attached to any one of the Z-CARD® covers. 

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