We are the global specialists in PocketMedia® and believe that successful marketing is all about simple ideas, brilliantly executed, that reinforce your brand’s message.

PocketMedia® offers print solutions that ensure that your message is both durable and retainable. Their small and compact nature ensures that keeping them on person or in a wallet is easy. We offer the Z-CARD® range of products as well as a variety of other formats and can customise a product to suit your specific needs.
Pop-Up applications literally jump out of an envelope-like solution, surprising and delighting the opener and leaving a lasting impression. 
There are various options, shapes and sizes:

  • Square or hexagon Pop-Up shape.
  • Customisable size – for Pop-Up and envelope.
  • Incorporate competitions to optimise your database.
  • Incorporate QR Codes and/or Augmented Reality solutions.

 Pop-Ups can be used to:

  • Promote products and brands. For example, this product was created for Reckitt Benckiser (Gaviscon). This square-shaped Pop-Up was packaged in an almost flat rectangular box, which looked like an envelope. When the flap was opened a square-shaped Pop-Up jumped out, promoting the benefits and varieties of Gaviscon.

  • Keep brands top of mind. Z-CARD® Turkey produced a flat, square box with a perforated cardboard zip. When one side of the zip was pulled, a hexagonal, 12-month desk calendar jumped out. An instant surprise, sure to delight!

  • Engage customers! Pop-Ups can be easily and effectively combined with competitions, QR Codes and Augmented Reality solutions. Fun and versatile. Unique and effective. 
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