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Focusing on the needs of a time restricted and highly mobile generation, our goal is to deliver interactive and memorable communications for our clients which, when delivered straight to the pocket, can be measured and which deliver fantastic and proven ROI.


Global team

Our main ZAMI offices are in Bangalore, Johannesburg, Nairobi, Dubai, Istanbul, Jeddah and Accra. We are also part of an international network that includes the USA, Europe, UK, India, China, Japan and Australia.


The Z-CARD® international network provides PocketMedia® solutions across the world - operating in 67 offices in 49 countries. This means that we can deliver your PocketMedia® campaign locally, nationally or internationally.

Our story, over 24 years in the making!

Z-CARD®s are a totally unique communications solution - invented more than 20 years ago by George McDonald when he was a travel writer and consultant for British Airways.


We have always kept that innovative drive core to our culture, which is why from our base as a niche print product specialist, we can now offer any miniature folded product and deliver full campaign solutions across all aspects of PocketMedia®.


We promote bridge technologies such as QR Codes and Augmented Reality, which seamlessly link print and digital communications maximising the benefits of each. We are on a constant journey of development, taking PocketMedia® Solutions (Pty) Ltd from a single-product entity to a solutions-led agency focused on delivering high value communications to an increasingly mobile audience. We have welcomed the recent boom in digital mobile marketing and now have our own in-house team of designers and developers so that we can service entire pocket-based campaigns


Environmental information


Our credentials as a low carbon option have been recently tested and confirmed through an independent audit by leading environmental consultancy, Giraffe Innovation Ltd. Their findings showed the Z-CARD® to be 94% more carbon efficient than a standard A4 leaflet.


Z-CARD® Limited is aware of the potential environmental impact of our business activities and have strict policies and guidelines in place to ensure that both our production and services are undertaken in such a manner as to reduce this potential impact as much as possible.


To ensure all staff and clients are aware of our policies we have a Corporate Policy and a Product Policy, both of which clearly outline our commitment to reducing the impact of our activities on the environment.


Trademarks and Patents

The full range of Z-CARD®s and the proprietary machinery used to produce our portfolio of PocketMedia® products are protected by worldwide patents granted or pending.


New patent applications recently filed cover the process by which Z-CARD®s are produced and by definition any machinery used in this process and/or any products resulting from use of the process.


Our brand is protected by, among others, the following registered trademarks: Z-CARD® the Z-CARD® logo, PocketMedia®. All of our products carry one or more of these marks, which are our assurance of quality to our clients.

It is a legal requirement that each Z-CARD® produced carries a patent and trade mark notification.


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