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Tourists often need to carry a wealth of information when on their travels such as maps, city guides, hotel and restaurant guides and flight information. PocketMedia® provides the option to carry all of this information in a convenient, compact form- using print, digital or a combination of both.

The Gautrain produced a user-friendly, information-packed Z-CARD® for passengers so that they no longer had to worry about finding their way from the airport to Johannesburg, Sandton and Pretoria. The Z-CARD® provided passengers with a map and various facts about the Gautrain, it’s stations, fares and routes.

A PowerPocket was included on the one cover to allow passengers to keep their Gautrain Gold Card together with the Z-CARD® at all times. “It is imperative that passengers know that their Gold Card allows seamless transfers between the Gautrain’s train, bus and parking services,” says Bombela Concession Company’s Marketing Executive Errol Braithwaite. “As is the fact that first time users can access the station parking facilities without a Gold Card.”

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